This may be of interest so please see the information below.
At various times over the years I have delivered talks on different subjects on courses, for companies, Gwynedd mental health care team, etc and as we are all locked down for the time being I thought that I would offer some of these over the coming weeks if this would be of interest.
I thought that a Sunday early evening might be a suitable time and will offer a talk once every two weeks for approximately an hour. 6.00 start unless you feel a better time would be more suitable. Please let me know. These will be on Skype and I will set up a talks page so it will be separate from the two yoga pages. If you request to join in I will send a link. There wont be a charge for these.
Below are the different topics. If you are interested in any of these I would be grateful to know of your interest in order to gauge whether to offer these or not. I wont be offended if there’s no take up!
Please email me rather than contracting me on the Skype page as then I can send you the link.
Jan 24 – The Power of the Mind
Feb 07 – Stress management 1
Feb 21 – Stress Management 2
Mar 07 – Stress management 3
Mar 21 – Best Foot Forward
Apr 11 – Nutrition and Health
Apr 25 – Subtle energy sy

Nearer the time I will offer a little more information on the content of each of the sessions.