The starting point for the residential courses is working with the fact that most people today lead far more stressful lives than ever before. Consequently, the courses are structured to bring about opportunities for real rest alongside the restorative benefit of the yoga itself. Consequently a good space in the day is left for walking, reading, relaxing or simply sleeping. Added to the residential courses in recent years have been the yoga / walking weeks. These originated in Crete where walking some of the island’s stunning gorges was included with the daily yoga practise. In more recent years the walking weeks have been along the Lycian Way in Turkey where walking during the day to the next destination is combined with daily yoga practise. These weeks offer the opportunity to be right away from the demands of daily living and slow the rhythm of life to a walking pace in some of the most dramatic scenery to found anywhere. Very therapeutic with today’s fast paced lifestyle.


Over the years Geoff has developed a teaching style that will accommodate all levels of ability. His teaching is based on the broad aims of the traditional Eight Limbs of Yoga as defined by the greatest of the Indian sages, Patanjali. Consequently the yoga practise incorporates posture work, pranayama breathing and meditation and recognises the positive influence that this has on our physical and mental wellbeing. These elements are combined within the daily posture practise making the work essentially practical and making the yoga relevant to the demands and stresses of today’s Western lifestyle. The posture work encourages people to move beyond their own self-defining limits and helps to develop positive mental attitudes to both mind and body. Working with a sense of mindfulness and focusing attention on the present moment brings with this practise deep levels of relaxation in both mind and body.


On residential courses an early morning session is scheduled for around 8.00 a.m. and combines Pranayama breathing practise and general posture work. At 10.00 a.m. a large breakfast is provided leaving the majority of the day clear for other activities. These will include some organised excursions such as the Twelve Island sailing day in Turkey, visiting the hot sulphur pools and walking. There is a further yoga session from 6.00 to 7.30 p.m. which generally includes the more relaxed stretching postures.


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Dalyan, Turkey

This is a beautiful location for a yoga course and is set on the edge of the small town of Dalyan on the Turquoise coast.  The two villas where the group participants stay have beautiful open views to the mountains and each has its own swimming pool. The yoga space is set under a covered decked area. There is much to see and do in this area of Turkey. Travel by riverboat or walk to the ancient Roman remains of the city of Kaunos and see some of the best preserved Roman remains of this amazing city. By boat you will pass the amazing 4th Century rock tombs on the way to Iztuzu beach – a stunning 3km stretch of white sand which is also a protected conservation area for the loggerhead turtles. You can also visit the turtle rescue centre based on the beach. There is also the lake trip to Sultaniye, the ancient Roman hot sulphur mud baths, a great experience and a wonderful health bonus to complement the yoga! Among other excursions that can be arranged are walks in the surrounding countryside and a day outing to sail around the 12 islands off the Turquoise coast.  

The Lycian Way, Turkey

A yoga / walking holiday taking in a section of the stunning Lycian Way -the longest distance walking route in Europe and nominated as one of the 10 best walks in Europe in a Sunday Times survey. This week combines walking and yoga along the Lycian Way and each year a different part of the walk is covered over five days. The first day is spent in Dalyan where yoga practise is scheduled before setting off up the coast to the start of the walk. Walking is not demanding but a good level of fitness and head for heights is needed. For most stretches of the walk onward luggage transport is organised Otherwise a lightweight pack is needed to carry basic clothing. On the walk yoga practise is either first thing in the morning or late afternoon depending upon the facilities at the overnight venues. There is always a rest day and this is at Kabak where people can walk in the local area or simply relax by the pool. The final day is, again, spent in Dalyan before leaving for home. Combining yoga and walking is a great experience. Just slowing down the day to a walking pace and walking in stunning scenery is a really uplifting experience.

Dates: April 24 – May 1. Cost £560