Greetings all, this is just to let you know about the dates for the online classes starting in the New Year. The first class will be on Monday Jan 3 and then Thurs Jan 6.

The term will run for the usual 10 weeks till March 10. However, as Easter is in mid April of 2022 it means that without a half term break the 10 week term finishes well before the Easter break. So I will run a shorter half term of five weeks up to April 14.

Payment is as before – £70 for 10 weeks which would be followed by the five weeks at £35.00 I hope this all makes sense.
I would like to continue the open session classes at Llanwnda on the Sunday mornings but I need to first confirm those dates with the centre and secondly assess the situation at the time  in light of the new Covid variant and if there are restrictions at that time.

That’s it for now so just to thank you all for continuing to support the online classes and to wish you all a good Christmas and New year.