Next Five Week series starts Aug 10 / 13

Just to remind everyone that the next five week series of classes will start from august 10 / 13. The payment details are as before so please make a bank transfer or a cheque please. If you no longer have these derails please do contact me.

To work out how much you need to pay just total up the classes you have done in the last five weeks and adjust your payment for the next five weeks having allowed for the classes you have missed. In other words if you have made three sessions then for the next five weeks you will need to pay for three as you will have two owing to you. To calculate what is to be paid each session is £7.00. I hope this all makes sense.


New Term Starts – July 6 / 9

Having completed the 10 week session of classes on July 2 there will be new arrangements for the start of the new five week session starting on July 6 / 9. There is a new start time of 6.30 and the class will run for an hour and a half. The Monday session remains five week as a basic class while Thursday is an intermediate level.

For this five week period there is a payment structure and the cost is £35.00. If two classes a week are taken then the fee is £60.00. The five sessions can be made up of a combination of Monday and Thursday classes.

The fee can be paid directly to my bank account or by cheque addressed to me. For these details please do contact me and I will email this information.

Pranayama sessions to start May 10

A stretch and pranayama session will begin as an online session starting from May 10. This will be at 6.00 p.m. for 45 minutes to an hour and will be accessible for all of those people registered on the Skype online yoga page.

Ty Gobaith Donations

Just to report that the donations to Ty Gobaith received from the Online Yoga Group currently stands at £1000. Really excellent and thanks to all who have contributed.

Change of class schedule

Apologies for making last minute changes to the schedule of classes to start next week but as a number of people indicated that they would like to join in to both classes which were timetabled for Monday and Tuesday it occurred to me that it would be better to spread the sessions out to make for a more balanced practise.

Having had feedback from a number of you it seems that Thursday is a better option. Therefore, starting as planned next week, the sessions will be as follows: Monday beginners’ level, April 27, 6.00-7.15 and Thursday intermediate level, April 30, 6.00-7.15.

Many thanks and look forward to catching up with you all again. Geoff

New Term

Clearly the new yoga term due to start on April 20 is not going to happen and, although not being 100 percent sure at this time, classes are unlikely to resume in schools until September.

Therefore, I am arranging to teach classes online starting from April 27 for those who are able to link up with me on Skype. There will be a Monday session from 6.00-7.15 for beginners’ level and on Tuesdays from April 28, 6.00-7.15 there will be a more intermediate level session.

It will be entirely up to individual choice as to which class – or both – that you wish to link in to.

Normally there would be a 10 week term with the usual fee payable. What I would like to suggest for the time being is that a donation is made to the children’s hospice, Ty Gobaith / Hope House, instead of a class fee. I will start with the intention of teaching the 10 weeks and evaluate the situation as we go along.

Charities in general will be very hard pressed at this time so any support that can be given to a really important local charity I’m sure will be much appreciated. To donate contact:

If you wish to join the online yoga group please do email me and I will send you a sign up link. Skype is quite straightforward to load onto your computer if you do not have it currently installed.

In the meantime my very best wishes to everyone and hope you all stay well during this most extraordinary time.

Online Classes with Geoff

Hello everyone, I am in the process of setting up an online class especially as it looks as if the current lockdown situation will be ongoing for some while. If you would like to access the session this is what you will need to do. Please send me an email just saying ‘sign me up for the yoga class’ and I will send you a Skype invitation message to join the group.
Just respond to the link in the email and you are then signed in. I will start with a session on April 7 at 6.00 for an hour. I do not know if this will suit everyone so if you have any different ideas about time, frequency, length of class etc. then please let me know in your email to me.
On the Tuesday evening when the session takes place you will not need to make contact with me as I will call all the people registered to the group at once and the call will come up on your computer. If you are not available or do not wish to join in at that time then just ignore the call.
However, I intend to run this session with only a small number of people to start as being a bit of a technophobe I have no idea as to whether this will all work as it should. If it does work out properly then I can expand the group numbers. So, basically, first come, first served for the first session.
At this time I will not be making a charge for this service as I know that the last couple of weeks of the regular term were a bit of a muddle for people so you may have classes to make up.
If you know of others who may like to join these sessions and who may not have thought to look at the website please can you let them know about these arrangements.
When there has been time to assess the future state of the lockdown I may well make arrangements for people to make a nominal payment but that is to be determined.
In the meantime my very best wishes to you all and hope all remains well with you and your families.

YouTube classes

You may well want to find guided yoga classes while you remain at home. There are so many to choose from and in browsing you find something that you are happy to work with.
However, as a simple recommendation if you want to refine your search for a posture practice similar to your normal weekly class then search for ‘Iyengar Yoga” sessions.

Yoga Day Postponed

Given the latest Government directives the Yoga Day planned for March 22 is being postponed. A new date will be scheduled when the situation improves.