Online classes 2022 – starts Jan 3/6

Greetings all, this is just to let you know about the dates for the online classes starting in the New Year. The first class will be on Monday Jan 3 and then Thurs Jan 6.

The term will run for the usual 10 weeks till March 10. However, as Easter is in mid April of 2022 it means that without a half term break the 10 week term finishes well before the Easter break. So I will run a shorter half term of five weeks up to April 14.

Payment is as before – £70 for 10 weeks which would be followed by the five weeks at £35.00 I hope this all makes sense.
I would like to continue the open session classes at Llanwnda on the Sunday mornings but I need to first confirm those dates with the centre and secondly assess the situation at the time  in light of the new Covid variant and if there are restrictions at that time.

That’s it for now so just to thank you all for continuing to support the online classes and to wish you all a good Christmas and New year.

Yoga Day October 24

Having had to be cancel the first ‘at home’ day course at the beginning of the Covid lockdown in March last year I’m hoping that by proposing to run it again it will be better luck this time.  The yoga space is not large and as I want to allow as much space for people as possible I’ve decided to restrict numbers to eight participants so if you would like to attend pleased do book early. Covid precautions will apply

As the house is set high up in the valley there is access to one of the many footpaths just behind the house so I am scheduling a between yoga sessions walk of about an hour after lunch. It is easy walking but for those who wish just to relax in the large conservatory overlooking the valley it is perfectly acceptable.

I have always found that the combination of yoga and walking is an ideal way of enjoying a real sense of peace and harmony so I hope you will enjoy the experience too. However, if the weather is against us I will offer a talk on a topic of interest for the hour after lunch. The cost for the day including lunch and tea is £40. Please contact me to register.

Autumn Term – Starts Sept 27 / 30

Much has changed since the start of the Covid pandemic which has led to many questions about what we do and how we do things and that has also included my own plans for future teaching.

The teaching spaces that I was using previously in Bangor and Caernarfon are, at this time, no longer available to me and so for the time being I intend to continue with the online yoga sessions starting from the end  September. These will be for a period of 10 weeks. I will dedicate the Monday session to beginners starting Sept 27 and the Thursday Sept 30 to the more intermediate level students. 6.30-8.00.

However, I also intend to offer on a three-week or monthly basis an open class on a Sunday so that those that wish to take an open class can do so to stay in touch or to check how they are doing. I have been able to book the Llanwnda Community Centre for those sessions and the dates are as follows:

October 17 / November 7 / November 28 / December 12. 10.00 – 11.30. £9.00 per session.

Please let me know if you would like to book for any of these sessions as although numbers can be flexible I do not want to book more than 18 people at a time.

I’m sure that not being able to attend open sessions will be frustrating for many but ask you to bear with me until I have more options to offer.

 Many thanks.


New term starts April 12 / 15

Just to remind everyone that the new session of online classes will start next Monday, April 12 and 15 for a further 10 week session. The payment details are the same as before and the fee remains the same at £70.00 for the 10 weeks. Please adjust for any classes that you may have missed. Start time as previously for 6.30. Look forward to catching up with you all then. Geoff

Series of Talks

This may be of interest so please see the information below.
At various times over the years I have delivered talks on different subjects on courses, for companies, Gwynedd mental health care team, etc and as we are all locked down for the time being I thought that I would offer some of these over the coming weeks if this would be of interest.
I thought that a Sunday early evening might be a suitable time and will offer a talk once every two weeks for approximately an hour. 6.00 start unless you feel a better time would be more suitable. Please let me know. These will be on Skype and I will set up a talks page so it will be separate from the two yoga pages. If you request to join in I will send a link. There wont be a charge for these.
Below are the different topics. If you are interested in any of these I would be grateful to know of your interest in order to gauge whether to offer these or not. I wont be offended if there’s no take up!
Please email me rather than contracting me on the Skype page as then I can send you the link.
Jan 24 – The Power of the Mind
Feb 07 – Stress management 1
Feb 21 – Stress Management 2
Mar 07 – Stress management 3
Mar 21 – Best Foot Forward
Apr 11 – Nutrition and Health
Apr 25 – Subtle energy sy

Nearer the time I will offer a little more information on the content of each of the sessions.

2021 Online Yoga Classes

A new 10-week series of online classes will start again on January 4 and 7 with the same arrangements as previously. Classes will be every Monday and Thursday starting at 6.30 to 8.00.

The cost of the 10 weeks is still £70 for the term and payment details also remain the same. If you do not have this information please do contact me for these details.

I look forward to starting again with you all. Many thanks. Geoff

Autumn Online Yoga Arrangements

Autumn Term Classes
Hi all, this is to let you know the final arrangements for the start of the autumn term classes. First, thanks to those of you who offered feedback on whether an open class in Ysgol Friars would be option but the majority have said that the online sessions would be preferable for the time being
Given the current circumstances this is understandable so I will teach this term online as previously on Monday’s and Thursday’s starting at 6.30 to 8.00 p.m. from next Monday, September 28.
However, I will offer Sunday sessions for those people who would like to attend an open class. 10.30-12.00. Directions and Covid security arrangements regarding these sessions will be sent separately when registering.
Many thanks for now and look forward to catching up with you all next week.

Autumn Term Yoga classes

This is to let you know about arrangements for the autumn term and as previously indicated the new term will start on September 28.
However, at this time neither Ysgol Pendalar nor the Bro Llanwnda Community Centre are allowing any classes to take place for this term at least. I can use a space at Ysgol Friars in Bangor and it would be useful to know if Caernarfon group people would be interested to travel over if this was available.
However, my feeling at the moment with the uncertainty of the autumn months to come is to continue classes online as we have been doing over the summer although I will be offering a small teaching session on Sunday’s at my studio space in Dwygyfylchi.
So classes to start as follows:
Monday Sept 28 – 6.30-8.00 – basic class – 10 weeks @ £70
Thursday Oct 1 – 6.30-8.00 – intermediate class – 10 weeks @ £70
BACS or cheque payments as previously arranged.
Sunday sessions Oct 4 / 11 /18 / 25 @ £7.00 per session. Limited to 8 but will also be available online if overbooked. Please contact me to book.
Many thanks and please let me know if you would attend a class in Ysgol Friars if available.

Autumn Term Yoga Classes

Hi all, this is to let you know how classes will be set up for the autumn term in the light of the current virus situation. I will be teaching online until September 10 and then I intend to take a two week break. This means that an autumn term will start in the week of September 28.

However, at the moment it looks very uncertain as to whether Ysgol Pendalar will be able to let me know if they will allow us to work in the school until some time way into September so consequently I will continue to offer online teaching as currently set up on a Monday and a Thursday.

I have decided, reluctantly, not to resume the Bangor classes at this time so hope that people from that class will be able to join us online. Unfortunately, my other option of offering classes at the Llanwnda Community Centre cannot be confirmed either as they have not decided what will be possible at this time.

However, I have the option of offering face to face sessions at my own small studio space in Dwygyfylchi for people who would like to come to an open class. These I would aim to offer on a Sunday but because of the need for social distancing etc will have to be limited to 8 or 9 people. I will provide more details regarding these sessions at a later date. If in the meantime there should be more information regarding classes in Ysgol Pendalar I will let everyone know.

Many thanks for now.